Job Opening

I am looking to hire a Research Associate. The position is ideal for those who wish to apply for PhD in Economics abroad or in India.  The Research Associate is expected to help me in a wide array of research projects, located at the intersection of behavioral economics and political economy in some cases, and development economics in some others. These projects are related to discrimination, gender, social norm around female labor force participation, demand for psycho-social traits and soft skills in the labor market, and political economy. 

The position is ideally based out of IIM Bangalore. But Nick Bloom tells us that "work from home" has its own advantages, I am happy to consider applications from candidates who wish to "work-from-home" with an in-person aspect embedded in the plan. The downside of this is the research associate will not be able to attend the research seminars, meet the seminar speakers (which is often useful while applying for PhD programs) and attend the numerous, interesting courses, in our wonderful IIM Bangalore campus. 

Key responsibilities include, but are not limited to: 

Desired qualifications/attributes/skills of a desired candidate: 


Deadline for application:

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