Teaching and Mentoring


I teach the following courses at IIM Bangalore:
  • MBA (PGP and PGPEM)
    • Managerial Economics (Core)
    • Behavioral Economics (Elective)
  • PhD (FPM) Program
    • Advanced Behavioral Economics
PhD Supervision

Currently, the following student(s) are pursuing PhD with me:
  • Satarupta Mitra (4th Year)


Over the years, several students have worked with me as Research Associates. After their RA stint, they have joined/are going to join some excellent PhD programs.  I quite enjoy mentoring them as they transition from Masters-in-Economics programs to PhD programs. In the process, they get to wet their feet in economics research and I get to learn a lot. 
  • Prerana Maheshwari | 2019-2020 | Purdue University (Starting, Fall 2021)
  • Priyama Majumdar | 2019-2020 | University of Warwick
  • Priyoma Mustafi | 2017-2019 | University of Pittsburgh