Published Papers
  1. "On the interpretation of World Values Survey trust question - global expectations vs. local beliefs". European Journal of Political Economy, vol(55): 491-510, 2018.
  2. "Predicting food price inflation through online prices in India", with Nished Singhal and Chetan Subramanian. Economic and Political Weekly, vol 53(23): 132-135, 2018.
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  4. "The spillover effects of affirmative action on competitiveness and unethical behavior", with Nabanita Datta Gupta and Marie Claire Villeval.  European Economic Review, vol 101, 567-604, 2018.
  5. "Corruption, Norm Violation and the Decay in Social Capital", Journal of Public Economics, Vol 137, 14-27, May 2016.
  6. "On the Interpretation of bribery in laboratory corruption games: moral frames and social norms"  Experimental Economics, vol 19(1), pages 240-267,  March 2016.
  7. "Social Norms regarding bribing in India: An experimental analysis" with Tushi Baul and Tanya Rosenblat, Journal of Contextual Economics, 2016. 
  8. "Awareness programs and change in taste-based caste prejudice" with Nabanita Datta Gupta. PLoS One  10(4): e0118546.  April 2015.  
  9. "On self selection of the corrupt into the public sector" with  Tushi Baul and Tanya Rosenblat. Economics Letters, vol 127, Pages 43-46, February 2015.  
  10. "An evaluation of the revenue side as a source of fiscal consolidation in high debt economies" Journal of Economic Studies, 2014.  
  11. "Linking Teacher and Student Absenteeism - The Role of shared goods in reducing Absenteeism" with Elizabeth M. King, Peter Orazem, Elizabeth M. Paterno. Economics of Education Review, Elsevier, vol. 31(5), pages 563-574,  2012.   

Working Papers                                                                                                                                  
  1. "Self confidence spillovers and motivated beliefs" with Nabanita Datta Gupta and Marie Claire Villeval   (Under Review)

Work in Progress
  • "Understanding sources of labor market discrimination" 
  • "Tax evasion and corruption"
Case Writing